April 5, 2006 | By: Terri McLean

Would-be entrepreneurs interested in parlaying their secret barbecue sauce or prized salsa into a money-making venture may find a recipe for success at the “From Kitchen to Market” seminar April 26 at the Cooperative Extension Service office in Winchester.

The daylong seminar, presented by Sandra Bastin, Extension specialist in food and nutrition at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, will explain the ins and outs of setting up a specialty food business as well as provide the necessary tools to help people get started.

“The reason most people come to something like this is because they have no idea what the step-by-step procedures are,” Bastin said. “They’re really looking for where they can go to open doors to find out all the information they need.”

“From Kitchen to Market” will cover a broad range of topics, including product development, packaging, labeling, pricing, storage, shipping and marketing, Bastin said. She is hopeful people from across the state take advantage of the vast resources that will be available.

“I think people know there are little bits and pieces that they have to do, but I don’t think they ever get that big picture until somebody sits down with them and says, ‘OK, have you thought about this? Have you thought about that?’ This will allow them to think about all the things they need to think about before they move forward and spend any money or find out its not what they want to do after spending a lot of planning time,” she said.

The seminar is especially suited for people who are already certified to produce and sell food products from their homes or farms and who want to “take the next step” to market those products to a wider audience, Bastin said. But it is also intended for individuals who have been thinking about developing a food product and want to explore their options.

“This workshop will give people enough info that they can approach the process logically and take the necessary steps towards their own foods business,” Bastin added.

Cost of the seminar is $10 and covers lunch, a packet of information and a copy of the book “From Kitchen to Market” by Stephen F. Hall. To register, contact your county Extension agent or download aregistration form.


Sandra Bastin, (859) 257-1812