March 15, 2006 | By: Terri McLean

Helping sheep producers successfully manage their flocks is the goal of three Eweprofit Schools offered this year at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture’s Animal Research Center Sheep Unit in Versailles.

The first school, Eweprofit III, will be April 4 and will focus on lamb feeding, from creep feeding to early weaning to finishing lambs in drylot or on pasture. April lambing techniques and managing ewes and lambs through the spring grass flush will also be presented.

Eweprofit I will follow on June 7, with an emphasis on preparing ewes for breeding in August and September, internal parasite control, pasture management and managing ewes that are in a fall lambing program.

Finally, Eweprofit II on Oct. 11 will focus on ewe management from breeding in August and September through lambing in January and February. Preparation of ewes and rams for a November/December breeding season will also be discussed, and complete management programs for January/February lambing, September/October lambing and April lambing will be provided.

Although designed for new and prospective producers, Eweprofit Schools may also be beneficial to veteran producers who want to sharpen their sheep management skills. Participants may attend any or all of the schools.

Each program will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Preregistration is not required. For more information, contact Donald G. Ely at (859) 257-2717 or



Donald G. Ely, (859) 257-2717