Community Development News

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Adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in Henderson are learning how to become more independent through a gardening program offered by the Hugh Edward Sandefur Training Center and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

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Lee County residents are learning low-cost methods they can use to improve their health through gardening. Ted Johnson, a University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service agent in the county, installed several raised bed gardens at the extension office. He offers classes to residents throughout the growing season to show them how raised bed gardening is easy, economical and healthy.

A study by CEDIK shows that agriculture is still a valuable asset to Fayette County’s economy, being responsible for one out of 12 jobs and for $2.3 billion in annual output.

The Music Lounge, designed by Rakeem Bradshaw, will serve as an experimental community gathering spot along Southland Drive, long known for its ties to music.

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