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Though the forecast for 2014 crop receipts is down 2 percent, a 15 percent increase in beef, poultry, dairy and hog prices is expected to boost 2014 Kentucky agricultural cash receipts to $6 billion, up slightly from $5.7 billion in 2013. The outlook for 2015, however, is expected to drop back to the $5.7 billion range.

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As owner of one of the state’s largest dairies, Logan County farmer Lee Robey is a very busy man. In the fall, he and his crew are all-hands-on-deck, as they work to harvest his grain crops in a timely manner to maintain optimum quality. Any unnecessary downtime could be a real inconvenience and detrimental to the harvest progress.

To make the harvest run smoother, Robey has taken some of his profits from the past few years of record grain prices and invested in on-farm storage. In the past four years, he’s nearly doubled his storage capacity.

UKAg's Community Supported Agriculture Program is offering boxes of fresh and locally grown food to incorporate into your Thanksgiving feast.

These meetings are designed to help Kentucky grain growers get the most from their prepay dollars.

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