Entomology News

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An entomologist at the University of Kentucky has been named the editor-in-chief of a new academic publication that focuses on species interactions in nature and the structure of ecosystems.

James Harwood, associate professor of entomology, will be the first editor of the peer-reviewed journal Food Webs, published by Elsevier.

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Who would have thought of mosquitoes being put to work to help decrease and control the mosquito population? University of Kentucky professor and researcher Stephen Dobson and his former graduate student, Jimmy Mains, that's who.

Despite local quarantines, the emerald ash borer's range continues to expand. In response, all of Kentucky is now under quarantine.

Leading experts  advise horse farm managers to move pregnant mares, if practical, to avoid contact with  eastern tent caterpillars, which are now mature and on the move.

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