Entomology News

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A University of Kentucky entomologist is  leading an international effort to find long-term, sustainable control options to effectively manage a mosquito known to transport several potential deadly viruses, including the Zika virus.

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Nobody likes to think of getting a bed bug bite, but those bites have become all too common in recent years. Now a group of international researchers has taken a significant step forward in understanding how to control these pesky insects.

The group called the Bed Bug Genome Consortium recently sequenced the genome of this insect. Their findings, which included more than 14,000 protein-coding genes, were recently published in a journal article in Nature Communications.

As editor of the journal Functional Ecology, UK entomologist Chuck Fox reviewed the journal's peer review process for any potential gender bias.

The UK President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee awarded nearly $200,000 in funding to seven sustainability projects.

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