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It may feel urban or suburban to many, but the plants, animals and fungi found in cities and towns make up a unique ecosystem. Research shows urban forests benefit built-up areas not only environmentally, but also socially and economically. As in all forests, herbaceous plants and trees are vital to a functional urban forest, and this will be the focus of two public seminars hosted by the University of Kentucky Urban Forest Initiative.

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Kentucky has enjoyed a mild winter which has resulted in many trees, plants and crops beginning to sprout and bloom before their usual times. The forecast for the next several days is not good news for those early bloomers.

Meteorologists for the University of Kentucky Agricultural Weather Center are predicting low temps to reach into the 20s for at least five days in the upcoming week.

After nearly a decade leading extension, Henning will return to the college's faculty as an extension forage specialist.

The Department of Forestry's updated snake ID website has enough information to satisfy anyone who might have a question concerning the slitherer cutting across their patio or field.

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