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Canine influenza is on the move in the United States. A new strain of the flu has led to the death of eight dogs and sickened more than 1,700 in the Chicago area. Now dogs in other states including Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Ohio and Indiana are getting sick. Authorities are not yet sure if the strain of the virus is the same, but are urging awareness.

University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Lab pathologist Lynne Cassone said there is no reason to panic, but dog owners should be vigilant.

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Kentucky cattle farmers have reaped the benefits of research conducted over the past 20 years at the University of Kentucky Agriculture, Food and Environment.

That research, conducted by Roy Burris, UK extension beef specialist, showed that producers could safely feed soy hulls to their cattle without losing any feed value. Soy hulls are the seed coats of soybeans and a by-product of soybean meal and soybean oil production.

The grant will allow UKAg researchers to teach life skills to homeless young people.

UK Cooperative Extension in Larue County is one of the community partners for a support group that helps families and  individuals dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's.

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