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Kentucky’s rich woodlands can provide their owners with many advantages, but proper management is important to be able to reap all the benefits. Woodland owners who are wondering how to get the most from their property can benefit from attending one of three short courses being offered around the state this summer by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

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More than a mere spike of wood prodding the sky, a tree is a protector, a nurturer, a collector and a keeper of tales. Two white oaks in the yard at Maxwell Place on the University of Kentucky campus, trees that probably have witnessed much of UK’s history, embody all of that. And now they’ve been adopted, so others will know their story.

Ramaswamy will give a seminar titled, "Perfect Storm to Nutritional Security," Friday morning in the college's Cameron Williams Hall in the Plant Sciences Building.

UK Forestry's Steven Price studied 23 Eastern Kentucky headwater streams and found that mountaintop removal mining & subsequent valley fill take a toll on salamander numbers.

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