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Thousands of bats lie, heaped high on cave floors, sometimes as many as 10,000 at one site. Fragile, winged mammals that have succumbed to the ravages of white nose syndrome and dropped, flightless, from their roosts on cave ceilings. Biologists report coming upon this tragic scene and finding, among the piles of tiny corpses, living bats, struggling to survive hibernation by burrowing among the bodies of their colony for residual warmth.

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University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service will offer a forestry webinar series on five evenings in November and December. The idea behind the web-based series is to provide woodland owners with a convenient way to gain beneficial information they can use on their own properties.

UK Forestry, which supports the industry through teaching, research and extension, joins in recognizing the individuals and businesses who contribute to wood products industries in Kentucky.

UK forestry researchers have determined which the best management practices that are most effective in protecting woodland waterways from the effects of logging.

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