October 19, 2005 | By: Laura Skillman

Ann Wynn is a big loser, and she’s proud of it. Wynn is 200 pounds lighter than she was almost three years ago thanks to her determination, exercise and eating right.

Learning to eat right came with the help of Christine Rivera, Caldwell County Extension agent for family and consumer sciences with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. For several years, Wynn has attended the Caldwell County Gets Foodwise program at the housing area where she lives. Rivera teaches the monthly program.

Wynn was honored during the October meeting for her second 100 pounds. A similar celebration took place in May 2004 when she’d lost the first 100. She wants to lose another 100 pounds.

“I cut down on my food and eat vegetables and fruits, plus I go to the pool and exercise and exercise at home,” Wynn said. “I have thyroid disease and they changed my medicine and I think that helped, too.”

Wynn’s initial reason for changing her dietary habits was due to her husband’s diabetes. She said the diet her husband was on began her weight loss journey.

The monthly meetings with Rivera have been a big help to her, and she encourages others to learn about nutrition.

“I wasn’t eating the right kinds of food,” Wynn said. “I really didn’t know what to eat and she’s taught me how to prepare foods and that’s helped. I feel a whole lot better. I used to be so tired. My legs used to just ache, they still do but not like they did. I can get up and down so much better.”

Cutting back on sweets has been the most difficult part of dieting, she said. But she now uses a sugar substitute and doesn’t go back for seconds.

“We are so proud of Ann,” Rivera said. “She is such an inspiration.”

Overweight is a major problem in Kentucky, she said. Combating the problem takes making the right food choices and getting plenty of exercise. 

Caldwell County Gets Foodwise is part of Extension’s Healthy, Wealthy and Foodwise program. It includes information on shopping, diet, food serving size and budgeting and offers encouragement to exercise and try new things, she said.

“We have a lot of fun and just support each other trying to make that healthy lifestyle change,” Rivera said.


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