February 19, 2003

Homeowners and gardeners attending the recent UK Home Garden & Landscape Expo received innovative ideas, expert instruction, and inspiration all rolled into one program.

The Expo was the first of its kind in the Mammoth Cave area and was sponsored by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.  Extension agents from the 10-county area planned and produced the event which was held at Bowling Green’s Sloan Convention Center. 

“This kind of event fits the mission of Cooperative Extension very well because it’s reaching out to the public and taking UK out to homeowners and sharing with them the expertise of our agents and specialists in the College of Agriculture,” said Carol La Faver, Warren County Extension agent for horticulture.

Educational sessions covered topics ranging from lawn care to tree maintenance to home fruit production. An accompanying trade show featured exhibits and products of 15 vendors, one vendor traveling all the way from Massachusetts.  Attendees were able to talk one-on-one with horticulture and landscape experts, and to investigate a variety of new products.

Agriculture educators believe consumer interest in the gardening and landscape industry is a growing trend.

“We see it as a growth industry not just for consumers but also for students looking for careers as well,” said Jenks Britt, agriculture department head for Western Kentucky University who attended the Expo.  “We have over 50 students in our horticulture program and almost 60 students in our turf and golf management program, so it’s a growth industry for universities and the students attending those universities.”

An overriding message of the Expo was that homeowners can do a lot on their own to improve the value of their property.

“People are learning a lot today about such things as flowers and vegetables and herbs and even landscape design, and we hope they take away with them the realization that they can learn to do these things themselves,” La Faver said.


Carol La Faver, 270-842-1681