May 27, 2008

Bright purple 1-foot-by-2-feet triangular objects resembling box kites will be used to detect adult emerald ash borers in northern Kentucky starting in mid- to late-May. These traps will be baited with a manuka oil beetle attractant and glue to lure and capture emerald ash borers.

"These traps were designed to catch EAB (emerald ash borer) beetles that are active in the areas; they won't attract infestations. Research has shown this to be the most effective survey tool that is available," said Lee Townsend, UK extension entomologist. "We ask that people do not disturb the traps during the survey for this destructive pest."

Traps will be set out on a grid system of approximately 2,500 survey points in counties north of Interstate 64 in Kentucky. Traps will be located along the edges of woodlots, except in areas where ash trees are not present. They will also be placed at campgrounds and other locations in Kentucky with high camper and tourist traffic, including Land Between the Lakes, Bernheim Arboretum, Mammoth Cave National Park and Lake Cumberland. These sites were chosen because long distance movements of emerald ash borers have been linked to the movement of firewood from infested areas.

Traps will be placed at least 5 feet off the ground in the branches of selected trees, preferably ash trees. However, if that is not possible, another tree species will be used. If emerald ash borers are in the area, they will be drawn to the trap regardless of what kind of tree holds the trap.

Individuals working for the Kentucky State Entomologist’s staff will be placing traps in trees on both public and private land. Emerald ash borer survey employees will be hanging traps in trees through at least early June. They will remove the traps in late August.

Anyone interested in volunteering ash trees as trap sites should contact Janet Lensing, state survey coordinator, at 859-257-5838 or

More information about the emerald ash borer is available online at If you find an ash tree in Kentucky that you think is infested by the emerald ash borer please call the USDA APHIS Emerald Ash Borer Hotline 866-322-4512 or the Office of the State Entomologist, 859-257-5838.

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