July 5, 1999 | By: Mark Eclov
Lexington, KY

Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and their Kentucky Agents presented a check for $35,000 to Dr. Peter J. Timoney, Chair of the University of Kentucky Department of Veterinary Science and director of the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center, for continued support of the Equine Disease Quarterly.

Lloyd's has supported this award-winning international equine disease publication since it was first published in 1992.

"Seven years ago, when Lloyd's began sponsoring the Equine Disease Quarterly, we hoped that it would have a significant impact on disease awareness worldwide," said Julian Lloyd, chairman of Lloyd's Livestock Committee.

"Now this publication has a circulation of over 15,000, is available on the World Wide Web, and is translated and abstracted into several languages, including Spanish and Japanese," said Lloyd. "This demand clearly illustrates how well the publication is received and needed. Lloyd's is very pleased to continue its association with this successful publication in helping the horse industry."

"As Lloyd's Kentucky Agents, we are very proud to be a part of the tradition of excellence with Lloyd's of London and Kentucky's horse industry," said Nick Strong, president of Lloyd's Kentucky Agents.

Lloyd's of London is a 312-year-old institution whose members underwrite risks in return for premiums and investment income that attempt to produce profits. They are recognized as the world's largest thoroughbred horse insurer.

"As partners in the industry, we must all play a role in protecting that industry world-wide," said Strong. "The Gluck Equine Research Center has the best resources in the world to monitor and provide this much needed information to the horse industry and we are honored to be able to continue to support such outstanding work."

"We are extremely grateful to Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and their Kentucky Agents for their continued support of the Equine Disease Quarterly," said Timoney, who is also president of the World Equine Veterinary Association.

"With the continued increase in the international trade in horses and semen, the timely and accurate exchange of information on occurrences of equine diseases becomes even more critical for the industry regionally, nationally and internationally. The Quarterly has proven very effective in meeting this need," added Timoney.

The Equine Disease Quarterly is published four times yearly and is available at no charge. The publication is co-edited by three UK Department of Veterinary Science faculty members including David Powell, Roberta Dwyer, and Neil Williams.

Since 1986, Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and their Kentucky Agents has provided almost half a million dollars to the UK Department of Veterinary Science in support of the Quarterly and equine research.

Lloyds of London also plans to continue their bursary awards (scholarships) program. Over the past 13-years, Lloyd's has provided $130,000 in scholarships awarded to students from across the country.

This program provides $1,000 scholarships to students in their final year of Veterinary school. The 1998-99 recipients represented ten universities.



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