August 21, 2002 | By: Haven Miller

Beef cattle producers will want to mark their calendars for Thursday, September 5th.  That’s the date for the Forage-Beef Field Day sponsored by the Kentucky Forage and Grasslands Council and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

The field day will feature the latest research findings from the new beef cattle unit at UK’s Animal Research Center.

“You might view this conference as the first installment of research results from the new beef unit,” said Jimmy Henning, UK Extension forage specialist.

The program includes a discussion of no-till establishment of improved forage species, and the latest research on dealing with endophyte-infected tall fescue.

“A common theme for the program is developing strategies for using fescue better,” said Henning. “Participants will also get to hear discussions on no-till establishment of improved species such as alfalfa or native warm season grasses into pastures.”

Henning said the field day’s purpose is to provide producers with a unique learning opportunity on current research and to introduce them to the UK research staff that will be developing forage-livestock solutions for the future. 

Speakers include Les Anderson who will discuss using supplemental fat to offset the effects of tall fescue endophyte; Eric Vanzant who will talk about supplementation for stockers grazing endophyte fescue; Ken Johnson who will discuss changing from the forage you have to the forage you want; and Garry Lacefield who will share ideas on putting species together to make a working system.

Scott Smith, dean of the College of Agriculture, and Nancy Cox, associate dean for research, will talk about helping Kentucky realize its potential with forages and beef cattle.

“We want to help producers get from where they are now to where they want to be in the future, and so our field day program reflects that,” said Henning.

The field day begins at 4:30 p.m. eastern time Sep. 5th at the Animal Research Center beef unit. Supper will be served compliments of the Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council and its commercial sponsors. 

The Animal Research Center is a biosecure facility and contact between visitors and animals is controlled.  Attendees must not have been outside the U.S. during the seven days prior to the field day.

For additional information contact your local Extension agent for agriculture and natural resources, or Jimmy Henning at the UK department of agronomy.


Jimmy Henning, (859) 257-3144