March 14, 2002 | By: Laura Skillman

Improving the status of women is the aim of Kentucky Women Called to Action. Toward that goal, the second, A Gathering of Women conference is set for May 1.

The skill-building conference for women will be at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center in Princeton. The first conference was held last year in Richmond.

The conferences are the result of organizations across the state who want to change the status of women in Kentucky through education, networking and taking action on issues.

A report published in the late 1990s on the status of women in Kentucky reported that the state ranked 49th nationally in women who hold elected office, 46th in political participation, 44th in terms of employment and earnings, and 48th in economic autonomy.

One goal of the meeting is to reach women who don't normally sign up to participate on a committee, and to give them the skills so they will participate more fully in voting, the civic process and in health issues, said Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension specialist in community resource development.

The conference will feature practical workshops on civic and community engagement and community leadership; exhibits on local and statewide resources; dialog on issues important to Kentucky women; and information to improve the health of women and families.

Broadwater said Cooperative Extension Service family and consumer sciences agents, women who work with women and members of the various KWCA organizations are trying to get the information to possible participants.

Registration is required by April 19 and limited to 100 participants. There is a $15 fee that includes lunch. Registration forms are available at county Extension offices.

KWCA is comprised of 15 organizations: American Association of University Women- Kentucky; Business and Professional Women; Kentucky Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences; Kentucky Extension Homemakers; Kentucky Commission on Women; Kentucky Commission on Human Rights; Kentucky Department of Agriculture; Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs; Kentucky League of Women Voters; Kentucky Master Farm Homemakers Guild; Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program; Kentucky Women Involved in Agriculture; West Area Health Education Center; University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service - Family and Consumer Sciences; and UK's Women's Health Center.


Gae Broadwater, 502-597-6325