October 25, 2002 | By: Gidget High, Ag. Comm. Intern

Many Kentucky beef producers are interested in increasing the efficiency and profitability of the cow-calf operation.

"Heifer Replacement is a key ingredient in a productive and profitable cow-calf operation," said Les Anderson, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Extension beef specialist. "Research shows that correctly developed heifers will reach puberty earlier, have heavier calves and be more productive."

A new instructional video: Heifer Replacement, produced by UK Agricultural Communications Services, Anderson and other UK specialists. Step-by-step instructions are provided on how to run an efficient heifer management program. With responsible heifer management practices producers can see higher pregnancy rates, heavier more uniform calves at weaning, and increased production and labor efficiency.

The program details such management tools for choosing the right heifers, pelvic measurements and reproductive scores, vaccinations, estrus synchronization, determining breeding season, and bull selection.

Each Kentucky county Extension office will receive a copy of Heifer Replacement and it also is available from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service for $20. Send a check payable to the University of Kentucky to: Agricultural Communications Services, Instructional Video Library, 131 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546-0064.


Les Anderson  859-257-2856