January 2, 2008 | By: Katie Pratt

Beef producers can get insight into marketing trends and techniques that could increase their profits in the 2008 cattle market during the upcoming Kentucky Beef Conference. The conference will be held Jan. 22 at the Fayette County Cooperative Extension Service office. 

“The size of the payday can be dramatically affected by marketing, capturing more of the animal’s value for the producer,” said Frank Hicks, beef conference planning committee member and Clark County agriculture and natural resources extension agent. 

Hicks said Kentucky beef producers have reaped the benefits of high market prices during the past several years, but many farmers are wondering how long the market will stay at these levels.

Leading the conference will be a series of guest speakers who study the cattle market. They will discuss long-term marketing trends, marketing strategies and strategies to increase cow-calf profits.

Members of the Buckingham Cattlemen’s Association from Virginia will also talk about their success with a group marketing plan. The association is comprised of producers with similar cattle who sell them in load lots during telephone auction sales to buyers who are looking for particular cattle characteristics. On average, their 2007 premiums were $74.18 per head for steers and $68.10 for heifers when compared to the prices on the regular cattle market.

“There is the potential from marketing similar cattle together that will reap higher returns for all producers involved,” Hicks said.

Those interested in attending the conference should contact their agriculture and natural resources extension agent. Registration will be at 9 a.m. Jan. 22 at the Fayette County Extension Office. The registration fee is $10 per person and includes lunch. The conference will wrap up by 3 p.m. to allow producers time to do their evening feeding. 


Frank Hicks, 859-744-4682