August 29, 2001 | By: Laura Skillman

Want to catch a trophy bass in your farm pond? Or maybe bluegill is more to your taste.

Anybody with a farm pond or sport fishing pond wanting to know how to have better fishing can attend a demonstration at 9 a.m. Wednesday Sept. 5, at the Chris Wooley property on Bloom Avenue in Paducah.

The demonstration will be conducted by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife in conjunction with the Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Service and the McCracken County office of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Wooley recently acquired the Bloom Avenue property which contains several ponds that have not been managed for about 20 years, said Bill Wurts, KSU Extension aquaculture specialist.

The demonstration will use fish shocking to do a population assessment of one of Wooley's ponds. The assessment will determine the type of fish and how many of each type live in the pond.

An evaluation of the balance of the pond at present will be made and then recommendations will be made on what is needed to make the pond a better one for recreational fishing.

Wurts said Fish and Wildlife experts will discuss what they would expect to find in the ideal recreational pond.

In addition, Wurts, Doug Wilson, McCracken County Extension Agent for agriculture and natural resources and Fish and Wildlife officials will field questions on recreational fishing, commercial fish production, and pond management.

For directions to the demonstration, contact the McCracken County Extension office at (270) 554-9520. For more information on the program contract Wurts at (270) 365-7541, ext. 200 e-mail him at


Bill Wurts, (270) 365-7541