August 30, 2003 | By: Laura Skillman
Princeton, Ky.

Across Kentucky more than 600,000 households depend on septic systems for wastewater disposal.

These systems, consisting of an underground tank and drain field, perform a vital role for homeowners in many areas of the state where sewer service is not available. A septic system can be an effective wastewater treatment option if designed, constructed and maintained properly.

Maintenance is a key factor in the life of a system. There are a few simple steps homeowners can take to keep their septic systems in good working condition and to prevent water pollution, said Kim Henken, an Extension associate for environmental issues with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Tanks should be pumped regularly and checked for leaks, she said. Also, reduce the amount of water entering the system by conserving water in your home.

“Keep solvents, oils, paints, disinfectants, pesticides and antibiotics out of your drains in septic systems,” she said. “Take care not to dig in your drain field or building anything over it.”

For more information on septic systems and wastewater disposal, contact a local office of the UK Cooperative Extension Service.


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