May 9, 2007 | By: Carol Lea Spence

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture will focus on relationships at this year’s Sheeprofit Day May 24 at the UK Animal Research Center Sheep Unit in Versailles.

The day’s sessions will examine the relationships between lamb carcass quality and management decisions about production systems, choice of breeds, feeding regimens, health programs and marketing. It’s an integrative message that will bring producers “from flock to fork” and ultimately answer the question “does the end product matter?” 

“They should all be interested in this if they’re going to sell any lambs on the market, because eventually these lambs are going to provide meat. Novice producers, as well as veterans should have this knowledge,” said Don Ely, UK animal and food sciences professor. 

This year’s Sheeprofit Day, From Flock to Fork: The End Product Does Matter, will answer such questions as: Are financial incentives large enough to generate much concern over the end product? Do prices paid to producers discriminate against over fat lambs? Do they provide incentives for carcasses with larger proportions of higher priced cuts? If lamb quality and composition are not considered, are producers missing an opportunity to increase demand for their product?

Sessions will be taught by Troy Wistuba from Morehead State University, Debra Aaron, professor in UK department of animal and food sciences and Dan Morrical from Iowa State University.
“We’re going to ultrasound some lambs and see how large the loin eyes are and how much back fat they have. So they can actually see what’s on that animal,” Ely said. 

Back by popular demand will be the Sheep IQ Test. Registration is free and begins at 3 p.m. The day’s sessions conclude with a complimentary lamb supper prepared and served by members of the UK Block and Bridle Club. There will be an opportunity after the meal to speak with this year’s presenters.

The UK Animal Research Center is located on U.S. 62, one mile from the junction of U.S. 62 and 60 near Versailles in Woodford County. No pre-registration is required. For more information contact Ely at 859-257-2717.


Don Ely, 859-257-2717