November 21, 2001 | By: Gidget High, Ag. Communications Intern

A sport fishing educational program is coming to Kentucky 4-H and will allow youth to go fishing, make tackle, learn the ecology of fishing, photography, rod building, and take field trips.

“Extension 4-H/youth development agents and volunteers will teach members the basics of fishing, “ said Carol Hanley, Extension specialist for 4-H/youth development at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. “They also will get assistance from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.” Possible field trips include the Salato Wildlife Center and the Frankfort fish hatchery.”

Interested youth can contact their county Extension office. This program can be competitive if the club wants it to be, but that is left up to the individual clubs. Hanley said agents are encouraged to take part in organizing the program by getting volunteers and offering to help in the area and/or county.

“We are excited to get this program started in Kentucky,” Hanley said. “It should be quite popular among 4-H enthusiasts. I’d like to see interest grow as people become involved.”

A spring meeting is being planned for leaders to start training and go fishing. For more information contact your county cooperative Extension office or Carol Hanley at 859-257-5961 ext.251.


Carol Hanley 859 257-5961