August 17, 2002 | By: Travis Scott, 4-H Junior Press Corps

A new century is under way in Kentucky 4-H, and the new State Officers are ready for the task. According to Teresa Boll, Extension Associate for 4-H, the State Officers are ambassadors of the State 4-H program. “The officers represent the nearly quarter of a million 4-Her’s across the state,” she said.

Shon Marie Simpson, Miguel Carlin, Julie Dodson, and Christina Brady have done that to its fullest potential this past week at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, greeting guests, emceeing variety shows, meeting with various dignitaries, and promoting Kentucky 4-H to anyone and everyone who enters the Cloverville exhibit in West Hall of the Kentucky State Fair and Exposition Center.

The officer team is lead by President Shon Marie Simpson, a Bath County 4-Her and freshman at Morehead State University. “I enjoy the fair and it helps me to interact with the public and promote 4-H membership,” she said.

Also on board is Vice- President Miguel Carlin, a Boone County 4-Her and a freshman at the University on Kentucky. He is very optimistic about the fair. “The State Fair offers us an opportunity to get together and fellowship with other 4-Hers and to listen to each other about what’s going on around the state, ant to learn about new and different programs we as State Officers can work on to make Kentucky 4-H better” Carlin said.

Secretary Julie Dodson, a Warren County 4-Her and a sophomore at Western Kentucky University has stayed busy in between her schedule of speaking engagements and dinners.  “I’ve been putting little temporary wash-off tattoo’s on the kids, which is one really good way to promote 4-H because kid’s just love them,” she said.

Treasurer Christina Brady, a Fayette County 4-Her and a senior at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, understands the importance of the fair for the 4-H officers. “It’s the first time people get to see us in public, and the first time we really get to interact with the public, and it’s always important to make a good first impression,” she said.

With that good impression being made, the State 4-H officers are on their way to helping lead Kentucky 4-H into a new century, a century in which they will surely make the best organization in Kentucky a whole lot better.