June 13, 2012 | By: Aimee Nielson

Quentin Tyler has supported the diversity efforts of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture for some time. Beginning July 1, Tyler will assume the duties of assistant dean for diversity and director of the college’s Office for Diversity.  He will move into the position from his current role as extension associate for recruitment and retention.

“My current role has allowed me to develop relationships within the College of Agriculture and across the state of Kentucky in regards to agriculture,” he said. “It has also allowed me to see, first hand, the challenges related to diversity. I have also seen the opportunities that are key to continuing to make the College of Agriculture the best it can be.”

UK College of Agriculture Dean Scott Smith said he was convinced through discussions in the search process that Tyler will help sustain and advance the progress already made within the college in the area of diversity.

“We have already identified opportunities for significant positive changes in the Office of Diversity’s mission,” he said. “I look forward to working with him on the critical challenges and needs of the college in promoting diversity and inclusiveness.”

Tyler said he envisions positioning UK nationally for its efforts in strengthening workplace diversity; recruiting and retaining a diverse student body; building cultural competency and most importantly, to serve as a resource for faculty, staff and students of the college.

“The Office of Diversity will remain committed to providing the necessary support to improve the lives of all Kentuckians,” Tyler said. “Diversity is critical, and it’s a fundamental element of higher education. I’ve learned that simply giving everyone the utmost respect, appreciation and support, regardless of their differences, can go a long way in recruiting and retaining diverse students and faculty.”

Smith expressed gratitude to Lionel Williamson, who is stepping down from the leadership role in the Office of Diversity.

“I appreciate the commitment, steady hand and positive, but unwavering attitude he demonstrated as the founding director of our Office of Diversity,” he said.

Williamson will remain in the College of Agriculture in a part-time, post-retirement extension appointment in agricultural economics.


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