January 3, 2002 | By: Kelley Orme, Ag. Communications Intern

Sam Quick, Human Development and Family Relations specialist at the University of Kentucky, received the Family Life Career Achievement Award at the recent annual meeting of the National Council on Family Relations. He was recognized for his contributions to the development of educational programs for families.

The nomination committee noted his educational programs have helped families address violence, care giving, single parenting and grief. Quick also created eight media articles that were used nationwide after the September 11 attack on America.

Quick is the first to point out that a multitude of people made winning the award possible.

“What we do in Cooperative Extension is so much of a team effort that I am pleased to have received this award,” Quick said. “I am honored about it, but I have just been blessed to be a part of Extension in the university system at UK. I have had great mentors all of my life – people who have encouraged, and sometimes challenged me, and those who have nurtured me and given me the green light to go ahead and use my creativity. I have to thank my administration for having that much faith in me over the years.”

Quick said that in Extension, he is part of a network of many people and they are the ones who get the information out.

“You do a good little piece of work and you have this system that spreads it, and the creativity of county agents who take it out and use it,” he said. “It’s hard not to shine when you are surrounded by luminaries. There are so many wonderful people who have a heart of service. I am honored to receive the award but I feel that it is an award that belongs to the whole incredible network that I was so fortunate to be hired into so many years ago.”

Quick said he was really surprised when he won the award out of so many people nation wide.

The award annually is given to an outstanding individual in the human development and family relations area. It is a national award for someone who has developed programs that make a state and national difference. It also recognizes research-based programs, well-evaluated programs, and programs that have the creativity to reach people.


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