June 29, 1999 | By: Cheddi Acham, Ellen Brightwell

As a result of the drought this summer, many municipalities have initiated either voluntary or mandatory water conservation programs that limit water use. This situation makes it even more vital to conserve water.

Citizens can do several things to help preserve their community's water supply. Here are a few suggestions.

Mulch trees, shrubs and gardens to help maintain soil moisture. This will reduce the need to water as frequently because the mulch will slow water that evaporates from the soil surface between nature's rainfalls and your waterings.

Mulching helps control weeds as well. It is important to control weeds so plants and trees don't have to compete with the weeds for moisture.

To prevent water loss through evaporation, water lawns and gardens early in the morning or in the early evening. During sporadic showers, you also can collect rainwater for use later to water plants.

For outdoor activities that require water, have children play in a small pool rather than using the hose or sprinkler. When water in the pool needs to be changed, involve the children in using the old water for watering plants in the landscape or for other outdoor uses.

Check all spigots and watering devices for leaks. By ensuring that sprinklers, hoses and faucets are running properly you will reduce water loss while getting the most out of your watering efforts.

"Water is a precious element that is too valuable to waste. Be sure to do your part in conserving water wherever you can," Durham said.

Source: Richard Durham (606) 257-3249 


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