October 23, 1998

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture has received $76,000 from a consortium of industry, farm groups and commodity associations to fund tobacco research projects for the coming year.

"This money will fund a variety of important research topics to help tobacco producers raise a better, more profitable crop," said Oran Little, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

Projects funded by the consortium include: evaluating float and greenhouse environments and their ability to withstand high and low temperatures; effects of transplant dates and management strategies on tobacco pests; current and potential structural changes in U.S. burley tobacco farming; improved stalk handling and disposal methods; improved environmental systems for tobacco greenhouses; no-till burley production; nicotine to nornicotine conversion; and root function of float transplants.

Participating groups in the consortium include: Missouri Council for Burley Tobacco; Indiana Farm Bureau Federation; Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.; The Tobacco Institute; Burley Leaf Tobacco Dealers Association; Lorillard Tobacco Company; Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation; Dimon International; Southern States Cooperative; Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company; and the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association.