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Equine survey to gather valuable information

Equine survey to gather valuable information

Equine survey to gather valuable information

Horse racing is king in Kentucky. However, the non-racing side of the state's equine industry also is very significant.

Bob Coleman, extension horse specialist, and Cara Newton, agricultural economics graduate student, at the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture developed a survey primarily to target non-Thoroughbred breeding, boarding, lesson and training operations in Kentucky.

"We want to gather more information on Kentucky's Horse Industry," Coleman said. "If you look at agricultural statistics, the non-racing segment has not been well-represented."

The surveys will be analyzed over the summer and results should be available by early fall 1999. If you choose to fill in your name and address, you will be able to receive a copy of the final results.

Together, Coleman and Newton developed a survey to define businesses that provide boarding, training, breeding and lessons to horse enthusiasts across the Commonwealth. The survey will provide information on the contribution these businesses provide to Kentucky's agricultural economy.

"The survey is completely confidential," Coleman emphasized. "The results will tell us

what's out there and what these enterprises look like in terms of size and services offered to their clients."

Some of the information requested in the questionnaire includes: type of operation, number and types of horses at the facility, boarding charges, training charges, breeding charges, type of breeding care and services, lesson types and fees, and a few voluntary questions about the participant.

Coleman said the surveys have been sent to known equine businesses. He added there are still more farms, small boarding stables, training facilities and other equine enterprises they do not know about.

"It shouldn't take long to fill out," Coleman added. "There are no hard questions. The results will help us get a more complete picture of the equine industry in Kentucky."

If you, or someone you know, provide any of the above services, and did not receive a copy of the survey, please contact Bob Coleman (606) 257-9451, or Cara Newton (606) 257-7501.

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