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Fruit and Vegetable Growers Meeting Set for Early January

Fruit and Vegetable Growers Meeting Set for Early January

Fruit and Vegetable Growers Meeting Set for Early January

"For tobacco farmers looking for supplemental crops, this is a great conference." John Strang, UK Extension horticulture specialist

Published on Nov. 26, 1999


If you are considering fruit or vegetable production, looking for a supplemental crop, or are a seasoned fruit or vegetable grower, this is one meeting that shouldn't be missed. The Kentucky State Horticultural Society, the Kentucky Vegetable Grower's Association, the Kentucky Vineyard Society and the Kentucky organic growers are all teaming up to host this year's meeting and trade show that will appeal to anyone that is interested in commercial fruit or vegetable production.

The meeting, to be held in Lexington, begins the evening of January 2nd and runs through the 4th. It will feature sessions on commercial tree fruit, small fruit, vegetable and organic production as well as on roadside marketing, adding value to your crop, wholesale marking, and entertainment farming. Sessions are geared to both veteran horticulture producers, as well as those just starting out.

"For tobacco farmers looking for supplemental crops, this is a great conference for getting exposure to a wide range of crops, and being able to talk with growers who are actually producing them," said Strang.

Beginning grape growers who attend the conference will get information on establishing the vineyard and developing a spray schedule. A special session on vegetable transplant production will explain the basics of greenhouse management and transplant production. Special out-of- state speakers include, Greg Reighard a peach expert from South Carolina.; David Monks, vegetable weed control specialist from North Carolina; Bruce Bordelon, viticulturist from Indiana; and Dave McAfee, renowned roadside market operator, also from Indiana.

If you're a Kentucky fruit or vegetable grower who's been wanting to reach customers through the World Wide Web, now's your chance. The state Department of Agriculture will help you create your own "home page" free of charge.

"This will be very easy for producers to do," said Anna Sidebottom, marketing specialist for the Department of Agriculture. "We'll have an Internet connection at our booth, and we'll walk each person through the process."

"This is a good way to get free advertising on a national basis," said John Strang, Extension horticulture specialist in the UK College of Agriculture. "You don't have to own a computer. All you need to do is bring a list of your products, directions to your farm, and some creative ideas."

"Migrant labor is another topic on the agenda," said Strang. "This is always something that tobacco and vegetable growers are interested in, and we'll be bringing in experts to talk about what producers need to know."

The meeting will be January 2 - 4 at the Holiday Inn North in Lexington. Contact your county UK Cooperative Extension office for details, or John Strang in the UK Department of Horticulture.

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