August 20, 2021
Lexington, Ky.

Nancy Cox, University of Kentucky vice president for land-grant engagement and dean of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, and Len Coleman, former president of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs are recipients of The Jockey Club Medal.

Through the years, the stewards of The Jockey Club have bestowed the medal upon a select group of individuals in recognition of exceptional contributions to the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry. The medal is not given every year. The club only bestows it when they think there are people who have done an extraordinary service to the industry.

Cox and Coleman received the medals for their exceptional work in co-chairing the nominating committee of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority.

“The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority was a road none of us had traveled before. For our industry, this was an important moment. As the co-chairs of the committee, Nancy and Len performed an incredible service for our industry,” said Stuart S. Janney III, The Jockey Club chairman. “They got through the whole process, dodging any number of sharks swimming in the water waiting to pounce, depending on the nominations. The outcome and reception has been great.”

 Congress established the Authority in 2020 as an independent, non-governmental regulatory body, run by an independent board, responsible for standardizing regulations and safety rules nationwide. The nominating committee led by Cox and Coleman completed their work in May with the selection of the Authority’s board of directors.

“It is distinct honor to receive this award,” Cox said. “The whole process of working on the nominating committee with Len and the other members was a pleasure. It was a lot of hard work. We reviewed over 160 nominations and came out with a very diverse and effective group. That group of individuals on the board and subcommittee have a passion and will carry through with great success, I’m sure. I would also say that The Jockey Club deserves a huge thanks for the years of striving for what led to the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act.”

Coleman, who is now a member of the Authority’s board, said he appreciates the award.

“Horse racing has been a passion of mine since I was 18,” he said. “The public perception of the integrity of the sport is crucial to the sport’s well-being. HISA is a huge step forward in instilling public confidence.”

The Jockey Club awarded the medals earlier this month during its 69th annual Round Table Conference on Matters Pertaining to Racing.

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