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Kentucky Cooperative Extension agent earns national educator award

Kentucky Cooperative Extension agent earns national educator award

Kentucky Cooperative Extension agent earns national educator award

Peggy Powell began her career in Kentucky Cooperative Extension nearly 40 years ago, and since then, she’s spent her life leaving a legacy of leadership and service to the people of Montgomery County and beyond.

Powell received the Extension Educator of the Year award from the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences at their annual meeting in September.

“I feel very humbled by the recognition,” Powell said. “I’ve always just done what I needed to do for the people we serve, and I haven’t really thought about being rewarded for it.”

To be eligible for the award, the recipient must already have earned the association’s Distinguished Service Award, which Powell accepted in 1992, and the Continued Excellence Award, which she earned in 1997.

Through the years, Powell has spearheaded many programs and services from her Montgomery County base and held many officer positions in professional development organizations. She’s also won numerous awards throughout her tenure in Cooperative Extension,

More recently, Powell has been the only family and consumer sciences extension agent to be a member on the University of Kentucky Pandemic Flu Prevention Task Force and the Kentucky Colon Cancer Prevention Committee. She’s also taken an active role on the Living Green initiative, a program providing environmental education to more than 1,400 Kentucky Extension Homemakers.

Powell said, she’s always felt it important to be more of a mentor to her colleagues and encourage them toward programs of excellence.

“Throughout Peggy’s career, she has pursued opportunities that broadened her professional expertise as well as those that supported the growth of her peers,” said Laura Stephenson, UK Family and Consumer Sciences Extension program leader, in a letter to the award committee. “A keyword that describes Peggy’s efforts is proactive. She consistently has her eye on the future needs of her community and pushes the system to respond.”

Powell said she’s been able to follow through with many important programs and initiatives due in part to UK Cooperative Extension District Director David Adams.

“David has given the agents in District 1 the freedom to be risk takers,” she said. “And, as a result, we’ve become a great team, and we work across county lines. I think I get more excited to watch my coworkers succeed than I do myself.”

Powell said she’s looking forward to accepting the award in September and also presenting some of the excellent work going on in Kentucky Cooperative Extension. 

The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences educates and recognizes extension professionals who impact the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

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