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KER establishes Lawrence Fellowship at the University of Kentucky

KER establishes Lawrence Fellowship at the University of Kentucky

KER establishes Lawrence Fellowship at the University of Kentucky

Published on Jan. 31, 2011

Kentucky Equine Research has established a graduate student fellowship at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture to honor the memory of Larry Lawrence, a valued KER employee for many years.

The Lawrence Fellowship, worth more than $25,000 per year, will fund a graduate student in a program of study related to applied equine sciences.

Catherine Whitehouse, a former KER intern, is the first fellowship recipient. She earned a degree in equine science from Lincoln University in England, where she prepared a dissertation on seasonal changes in nonstructural carbohydrate accumulation in pasture grasses as related to studying the causes of laminitis. Bob Coleman, assistant professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences and associate director of the Equine Initiative, will advise Whitehouse.

"KER looks forward to supporting University of Kentucky's goal of improving the health and well-being of horses through the education of graduate students at the UK College of Agriculture," said Joe Pagan, founder and president of KER one of the foremost private equine nutrition and exercise physiology research centers in the world.

"An important goal of the College of Agriculture's Equine Initiative is to provide relevant programs for Kentucky's signature industry," said Nancy Cox, the college's associate dean for research. "To have an important industrial partner such as KER provide a fellowship of this magnitude is an expression of confidence in our programs that is much appreciated."

Lawrence joined KER in 2002, when he accepted the responsibilities of leading the company's technical staff and providing support for the company's stateside and international clients.

"I had the pleasure of knowing Larry for over 25 years," said Pagan. "I will always remember Larry as a superb horseman, a talented nutritionist and a friend. Larry had a rare gift that allowed him to communicate complex nutritional principles in terms that horsemen could understand. His contribution to equine nutrition and KER was substantial."

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