April 19, 2000 | By: Aimee D. Heald

Sheep producers in Kentucky face many challenges in the course of a year. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture develops programs to address important aspects of the sheep industry that will help producers reach their potential. The lamb grading school will be held May 3, from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the UK Woodford County Animal Research Center.

UK Animal scientists have designed a series of hands-on workshops timed to address sheep management issues just prior to their need. The workshops also provide a complete picture of what it takes to be a successful sheep producer.

The new sheep center provides many new ways to teach important sheep production skills and offer producers a chance to see the new sheep unit.

Producers will learn how to grade market-ready lambs and also will learn how to set up management plans for lambs not yet ready for market. Monty Chappell, UK Extension sheep specialist will conduct the afternoon workshop and will also discuss ewe-lamb selection for replacement.

"It takes a year to produce a lamb crop," Chappell said. "Many times, decision producers make in one day can determine whether their sheep enterprise will succeed or fail. Decisions related to marketing are important. Producers should know how weight and finish affect lamb value."

Pre-registration for the Lamb Grading Workshop is not required, but would help in planning the event. Participants should wear comfortable work clothes and expect to get some hands-on experience.

The entrance to the UK Animal Research Center is located one mile east of the state highway 60 and 62 intersection, near Versailles. Interested individuals can call Chappell at 859-257-2716 for additional information.


Monty Chappell 859-257-2716