April 26, 2001

Ten years ago, Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and their Kentucky Agents joined together to help underwrite the cost of a new disease publication that was being developed by the University of Kentucky's Department of Veterinary Science. On April 26, they continued their support of award-winning The Equine Disease Quarterly, by presenting a check for $40,000 to Dr. Peter J. Timoney, Director of the Gluck Equine Research Center.

"When we began sponsoring The Equine Disease Quarterly 10 years ago, we knew there was a great need for disease awareness worldwide," said Julian Bowen-Rees, deputy chair of the Lloyd's livestock committee. "This publication has been tremendously received and has become an invaluable asset for the health and well-being of the horse industry. Lloyd's is very pleased that our continued association with the publication has been able to help the industry we serve."

"Lloyd's Kentucky Agents are very proud to give back to the industry that has long been one of Kentucky's most vital assets," said Bobby Owens, president of Lloyd's Kentucky Agents. "With disease outbreaks occurring throughout the world, we are most fortunate that one of the premier equine research centers in the world is right here, in UK's Gluck Equine Research Center. They are one of the best resources to monitor diseases worldwide and help provide this accurate, and much needed information."

"We are very grateful to Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers and Kentucky Agents for their continued support of this publication for the past ten years," Timoney said. "The recent occurrences of diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease in various countries throughout the world, yet again confirms the devastating economic impact of disease and the wide ranging effects such occurrences can have not only on an animal, but on the people and industries worldwide. We must be ever vigilant to provide accurate information and protection. The Equine Disease Quarterly has been very effective in disseminating this critical information."

The Equine Disease Quarterly now has a direct mailing circulation of over 16,000, and is also available on the World Wide Web. The publication is also translated and abstracted into several languages, including Spanish and Japanese. Published four times yearly, this publication is available at no charge. It is co-edited by three UK Department of Veterinary Science faculty members including, Dr. David Powell, Dr. Roberta Dwyer, and Dr. Neil Williams.

In addition to providing over half a million dollars of support for The Equine Disease Quarterly and the UK Department of Veterinary Science, Lloyd's also will continue their bursary awards (scholarship) program. Over the past 16-years, Lloyd's has provided $166,000 in scholarships awarded to final-year veterinary school students. The $1,000 scholarship recipients for 2000-2001 were: Michael J. Dilger, Auburn University; Stephanie C. Mathis, University of California, Davis; Kitren Nickerson, Colorado State University; Rachel B. Gardner, Cornell University; Mary Thomas, University of Florida; Melissa C. Farrar, University of Georgia; Jennifer Schleining, Iowa State University; Todd E. Shaarda, Michigan State University; Virginia M. DeChant, Ohio State University; Shane Kimble, Oklahoma State University; Jamie Ellen, Murphy,University of Pennsylvania; Laura Mercedes Riggs, University of Tennessee; and Robert J. Genovese, Washington State University.

Lloyd's of London is a 313-year-old institution whose members underwrite risks in return for premiums and investment income that attempt to produce profits. They are recognized as the world's largest Thoroughbred horse insurer and, as such, remain committed both to supporting equine research and to providing the insurance cover essential to the well-being and prosperity of Bloodstock interests worldwide.


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