April 28, 2000 | By: Mark Eclov

 It is often said the best gifts keep on giving. That certainly can be said about the gift of $35,000 given by Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and their Kentucky Agents to the University of Kentucky's Department of Veterinary Science for continued support of the Equine Disease Quarterly.

Lloyd's continued support now helps to bring this award-winning international equine disease publication to over 15,000 recipients. It is also available on the World Wide Web, and is translated and abstracted into several languages, including Spanish and Japanese.

"As the horse industry has become more global in nature, so have opportunities for the spread of equine diseases," said Julian Lloyd, chairman of the Lloyd's Livestock Committee. "We support the Equine Disease Quarterly because we know the value and impact of disease awareness worldwide and this provides us an opportunity to give something of significance back to the horse industry."

"As Lloyd's Kentucky Agents, we are very much aware of the potential health and economic ramifications that equine infectious diseases pose to our livestock and our state," said Bobby Owens, president of Lloyd's Kentucky Agents. "With Lloyd's coverage reaching 1981 levels, we are very proud to support the Equine Disease Quarterly which keeps the industry informed of disease occurrences on a regional, national and international basis.

" "The continued support for the Equine Disease Quarterly by Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers, and Kentucky Agents is deeply appreciated," said Dr. Peter Timoney, Director of the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center. "It is an endorsement of the importance of exchanging timely and accurate information on occurrences of equine diseases among members of the horse industry nationally and internationally. It is of benefit to the horse industry world-wide."

The Equine Disease Quarterly is published four times yearly and is available at no charge. The publication is co-edited by David Powell, Roberta Dwyer, and Neil Williams, faculty members of the UK Department of Veterinary Science.

Since 1986, Lloyd's of London underwriters, brokers, and their Kentucky agents have provided over half-a-million dollars to the UK Department of Veterinary Science in support of the Quarterly and equine research.

Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers and their Kentucky Agents will also continue their bursary awards (scholarships) program. Over the past 14-years, Lloyd's has provided $141,000 in scholarships awarded to veterinary students from across the country.

Lloyd's of London is a 313-year-old institution whose members underwrite risks in return for premiums and investment income that attempt to produce profits. They are recognized as the world's largest thoroughbred horse insurer and, as such, remain committed both to supporting equine research and to providing the insurance cover essential to the well being and prosperity of Bloodstock interest worldwide.


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