July 5, 1998 | By: Randy Weckman

Migrant laborers have become an important part of Kentucky's burley tobacco production system and while most producers report excellent work from the laborers some say they feel inadequate about communicating with the migrants on how to harvest the crop.

A new video, narrated in Spanish, shows migrant workers every aspect of the tobacco harvesting process, from cutting through housing.

The video, produced by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, allows farmers to show the video in a step-by-step process to migrants who will be completing harvest and housing for them.

The video, available from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Distribution Services, cost $25.20, which includes taxes and shipping and handling charges. For a copy of the video, contact them at Room 19, Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40546. Make checks or money orders payable to The University of Kentucky.


Writer: Randy Weckman
(606) 257-3937