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Quadris used to combat target spot in greenhouses

Quadris used to combat target spot in greenhouses

Quadris used to combat target spot in greenhouses

Published on May. 20, 2009

Recent rains have delayed burley tobacco planting and provided ideal conditions for target spot development in greenhouses across the state. To combat this fungal disease, growers can use the fungicide Quadris in greenhouses for the first time, said Kenny Seebold, extension plant pathologist with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

This past week, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Syngenta, Quadris' manufacturer, gave approval for a 24c special local need label for the fungicide. Burley growers can make one application of Quadris in the greenhouse between now and the end of July. This application will count toward their seasonal limit of four to five applications.

In recent weeks, growers were using a fungicide with mancozeb to suppress and prevent the disease, but the disease became too severe and widespread for it to work effectively. Since Quadris received approval for the 24c label, many farmers have used it and think it could be helping with target spot.

"The farmers I've spoken with think it is doing something to combat the disease," Seebold said. "In the float beds I've seen, new plant growth is responding to something but I'm not sure if it's due to Quadris, the past few days of good weather or a combination of the two."

Growers, who use Quadris in the greenhouse, must have a copy of the 24c label on hand. They can get a copy of the label through their fungicide dealer or their county extension office.

Seebold said growers, who set plants with target spot in the field, may want to follow up with another application of Quadris in about five to six weeks after transplanting.

In addition to Quadris, growers should continue to manage their young plants in the greenhouse by providing them with good ventilation and adequate fertility to help control the disease and dry the plants. They may also want to follow up the Quadris application with a mancozeb fungicide.

For application rates and other information on Quadris and target spot, contact the local extension office.

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