January 14, 2000 | By: Haven Miller

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture is undergoing its regular, periodic review process and needs your help. The review committee, appointed by UK Chancellor Elisabeth Zinser, is encouraging your participation.

"We want to know what Kentuckians think about their UK College of Agriculture," said Garry Lacefield, Extension specialist and committee chair. "Comments from the public are extremely important to the review process because they give the College a sense of how it's performing and what it needs to do to continue to meet the needs of the Commonwealth."

Reviews are a regular activity at UK and include all colleges and departments at various times. The last College of Agriculture review in 1994 used a survey to gather citizen input. This year's review will employ a similar survey.

"Our survey this time includes many of the questions from 1994 so we can compare responses between then and now," said Lacefield. "We'll also ask several new questions to provide other kinds of data. In addition, we will hold public forums around the state where the public can attend and give us feedback in person."

Lacefield said the public forums will be held at three locations: UK's Robinson Substation at Quicksand on February 22; UK's Research and Education Center at Princeton on February 28; and the College of Agriculture Seay Auditorium on the UK campus February 29.

This year's survey will be posted on the Internet at a special website (see below) provided by the University. That means you can click-in at your convenience to give your responses electronically. The survey also will be sent to agricultural commodity leaders throughout the state. A separate survey will be used to obtain comments from students, faculty, and staff of the College of Agriculture.

"The review process includes both external and internal respondents," said Lacefield. "We want to know if we're meeting the needs of our students, and also how our students, faculty, and county Extension agents feel we can improve all aspects of our performance."

In her charge to the committee, Chancellor Zinser indicated the UK administration's desire to know how the College is responding to special initiatives and current concerns in the Commonwealth. In addition, the review seeks to rate the College's performance in setting priorities, capitalizing on its strengths, contributing to intellectual and cultural diversity, and helping meet the University's mission and goals.

The 15-person committee is comprised of both UK and non-UK members, and includes county Cooperative Extension agents, faculty members, students, farm leaders, and members of other governmental and educational organizations. The committee's final report will be forwarded to the Chancellor in March.

The review committee encourages you to fill out the survey today by clicking on the College's website at http://www.ca.uky.edu/ and selecting "Review of the College of Agriculture Survey."


Garry Lacefield 270-365-7541, ext. 202