November 15, 2001 | By: Gidget High, Ag. Communications Intern

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension service is offering a packet of public service announcements to help with grieving and healing after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America. There are four different segments : being a good listener, caring for children, grieving and healing, and becoming a peacemaker.

“We’ve started creating a series of public service announcements for radio stations in response to the tragic events of September 11,” said Bob DeMattina, communications specialist for the UK College of Agriculture.” We’re going to continue working with Sam Quick in family and consumer sciences, as well as other specialists in the college to record more segments dealing with other issues relevant to September 11.”

Agricultural communications interns wanted to help with the devastation of September 11 anyway they could.

“Bob asked me to help create these public service announcements,” Vicky Hewitt said. “Hopefully they will help people heal and also deal with their emotions from the September 11 attacks.”

Hewitt is a junior in the UK College of Agriculture, majoring in agriculture communications.

For more information on PSA’s, contact Bob DeMattina at 859-257-4736, ext. 260.


Bob DeMattina  859-257-4736, ext. 260