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Kentucky fencing schools showcase the basics and new innovations

Kentucky fencing schools showcase the basics and new innovations

Kentucky fencing schools showcase the basics and new innovations

Both schools will begin at 7:30 a.m. local time.


Kentucky producers and agricultural professionals will have two opportunities this fall to learn about farm fencing basics and new innovations. The University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, with the Kentucky Forage and Grassland CouncilKentucky Agricultural Development Fund, Kentucky State University and Kentucky Beef Network will offer the 2023 Fall Fencing School Nov. 7 at the Scott County Cooperative Extension office and Nov. 9 at the Kentucky Soybean Board office in Princeton.  

“Fencing is vitally important on the farm,” said Chris Teutsch, associate professor for the UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, stationed at the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton. “Good fences keep our livestock safe and our animals from getting out and disturbing our neighbors.” 

The schools will begin at 7:30 a.m. local time and address fencing types and costs, construction basics, electric fencing, innovations in technologies and an overview of Kentucky fence laws—all before lunch.  

The afternoon session is a hands-on fence-building session where participants put their knowledge and skills to work. The demonstration includes: 

  • Safety, layout and a post-driving demonstration  

  • H-brace construction  

  • Knot tying, splices and insulator installation 

  • Installing Stay-Tuff fixed-knot fencing 

  • Installing high-electrified tensile fencing 

Events at both locations conclude with questions and a survey at 4:30 p.m. Participants should pre-register at least one week prior to the event. Advance registration is $35 per person and includes notebook, safety glasses, hearing protection, refreshments and a catered lunch. Use the following links to register:  

For more information, contact Krista Lea at 270-625-0712. 

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