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UK Extension agent honored with Grain Crops Science Service Award, recognizing decades of dedication

UK Extension agent honored with Grain Crops Science Service Award, recognizing decades of dedication

UK Extension agent honored with Grain Crops Science Service Award, recognizing decades of dedication

The Harrison County native Curt Judy was awarded the prestigious honor after 44 years of service to the agricultural community.


The University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment announces the selection of Todd County UK Cooperative Extension agent Curt Judy as the 2024 UK Grain Crops Science Service Award recipient. After four decades of service, this honor highlights Judy’s lasting contributions to Kentucky's agricultural community. 

Previously known as the UK Wheat Science Service Award, this award now recognizes broader achievements in grain crops science including enhancing grains crops research and education.

“Curt consistently helps supervise UK corn, wheat and soybean yield contests,” said Chad Lee, Grain and Forage Center of Excellence director. “He has promoted research to attain high-yielding and high-quality wheat and served on commodity boards. He genuinely enjoys working with producers and helping people.” 

Judy’s commitment to the agriculture community 

Judy dedicated approximately 44 years to serving as an extension agent in Crittenden, Christian and Todd counties. A Harrison County native and 1977 UK agronomy graduate, Judy is celebrated for his commitment to agricultural research and education. 

Throughout his career, Judy has been instrumental in supervising yield contests for multiple crops and promoting research for high-quality grains. His collaboration with researchers like Department of Plant and Soil Science professor emeritus Lloyd Murdock on studies concerning tillage, soil fertility and compaction have been essential to improving agricultural practices.  

Judy has also worked on various trial research projects and engaged in soybean cyst nematode education, contributing to the state's grain crops science. 

“Curt has been a great agent,” Murdock said. “He has collaborated on many different research projects and has been helpful with off-station field days as well as other educational meetings, just to name a few things." 

Judy also developed a software program in 1999 to assist growers with the Kentucky Agricultural Water Quality Plan, streamlining the compliance process for over 30,000 farm plans. His efforts in educating growers about genetically modified organisms and farm trucking regulations have further demonstrated his impact on Kentucky agriculture. 

“He is an outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable agent,” Murdock said. “His clientele and their needs are very important to him and he is highly respected by his clientele, as well as extension and research specialists across the commonwealth.” 

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