November 3, 2010

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension specialists have revamped the Moneywise website to continue to help Kentuckians navigate through the difficult economic situations they face every day.

At the suggestion of UK Cooperative Extension Service agents, who saw their clients struggling to manage their finances and find sound financial information, the Moneywise website was launched in 2008. It was designed to help Kentuckians of all ages and occupations navigate through tough economic decisions. The website provides reliable, timely financial information from UK extension specialists from all disciplines in the college, as well as links to several state and federal government organizations, decision aids and calculators.

The new site continues to provide information on a variety of topics to help consumers make informed financial decisions in topics ranging from energy costs to credit issues. The most frequently used materials are now easier to find, making the site easier to use than the previous version. New information about financial-related extension events and conferences will also be available. The site contains links to the Moneywise Facebook and Twitter pages to provide followers with more than one outlet for economic information.

"We want to continue to assist people with economic recovery and help them prepare for their financial future," said Jennifer Hunter, UK assistant extension professor in family finance.

The Moneywise website is regularly updated. Katie Keith, extension associate for the college's new Managing in Tough Times Initiative, will work with extension specialists to ensure the website contains the most timely and relevant information.

The website is available online at . People who have questions about the site or need help accessing it can contact their county office of the UK Cooperative Extension Service.

The website will be a part of the Managing in Tough Times Initiative, which will be unveiled in early 2011.