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Kentucky Nonprofit Network announces new partnership program

Kentucky Nonprofit Network announces new partnership program

Kentucky Nonprofit Network announces new partnership program

Published on Oct. 27, 2011

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network today announced their new Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership.

The Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership is a commitment made by nonprofit organizations and the Kentucky Nonprofit Network to promote and implement best practices that encourage efficient, effective and ethical operations as the best means for meeting community needs. Organizations are encouraged to use the network’s Kentucky-specific guide, “Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence,” or may choose another recognized best practices tool.

Kentucky Nonprofit Network Executive Director Danielle Clore said becoming a partner shows an organization is committed to following best practices that are appropriate for them.

“It’s basically a way of saying, ‘We get it; accountability and transparency are important, and we want to use this or another tool to set ourselves apart as an organization,’” she said. “The Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership recognizes organizations that are making a strong commitment to achieving excellence in program and service delivery through use of widely accepted best practices.”

To participate, nonprofits must be registered, tax-exempt 501c (3) organizations, be current Kentucky Nonprofit Network members and submit an annual resolution of the organization’s board of directors making a commitment to actively implement and use nonprofit management best practices.

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network, part of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, offers its partners the voluntary use of a partnership seal and an online listing of charitable nonprofits committed to continuous improvement through best practices programs. At present, 14 organizations have become partners: Blue Grass Farms Charities, Chrysalis House, Corbin’s United Effort, Gateway Regional Arts Center, God’s Pantry Food Bank, Kentucky Academy of Science, Kentucky River Foothills Development Council Inc., Lexington Habitat for Humanity, Living Arts and Science Center, National Corvette Museum, New Opportunity School for Women, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission, Sarah’s Place and YMCA of Central Kentucky.

“Nonprofits are central to our communities, as both service providers and employers,” Clore said. “They receive significant donor, government and fee-for-service income, and this partnership allows them to demonstrate their commitment to the most effective use of these dollars. These commitments will result in stronger, more vibrant communities.”

To see a listing of participating partners, visit For more information about the Kentucky Nonprofit Network, Kentucky’s state association of nonprofits, visit

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